Focacceria Ristorante

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AboutThe Client

Focacceria Ristorante is an Italian restaurant located in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, in the heart of a historic area called Liberty Corner. After opening their doors as a local pizza restaurant in 2005, the owners converted this 18th century colonial home into an upscale Italian eatery.

In 2010 Focacceria opened their outdoor patio, and was awarded as a Top 100 Al Fresco Dining Restaurant in the Country by OpenTable! Each day Focacceria’s chefs arrive early to hand-make the delicious focaccia bread, homemade pastas, and desserts. They also design a new specials menu each and everyday, based on the best proteins and produce offered by their local farms. Besides the amazing food, excellent service, and inviting atmosphere, the views offered by the historic landscape offered a picturesque backdrop during our photoshoots of the restaurant.

Selcouth Interactive | Full Stack Integrated Branding Solutions | NYC, Boston, NJ Focacceria-Screenshot_2-600x400 Focacceria Ristorante
Selcouth Interactive | Full Stack Integrated Branding Solutions | NYC, Boston, NJ Focacceria-Screenshot_7-600x400 Focacceria Ristorante
Selcouth Interactive | Full Stack Integrated Branding Solutions | NYC, Boston, NJ Focacceria-Screenshot_3-600x400 Focacceria Ristorante

About this project

When the owners of Focacceria Ristorante asked us to take on their project, they were seeking a web team that had the ability to create a site not only based around their vision, but that told the story of their restaurant. After gathering content and hosting multiple photoshoots, our design team built a responsive, fast, and mobile capable website that exceeded their expectations.

The website features a tasteful mix of large script and sarif fonts, to hint at the restaurants semi-formal atmosphere and the fonts used across their menus. We used a mix of deep greens to play off the ivy that covers that grows upon the side of the house, and beige to tie into the color scheme on the inside of the restaurant. Our development team created a theme aimed to highlight the rustic and historic nature of the 18th century home that the restaurant is located in. Our development team also integrated an easily accessible menu, that is web engine friendly, and an online reservation solution to drive more reservations.

Upon launch of their new website our marketing team established a strategy to boost engagement across social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, along with driving more traffic to their website and OpenTable portal. Focacceria is currently enrolled in our entire marketing and SEO suite: including Facebook, Instragram, Linkedin, and Twitter promotions; Google and Bing AdWords; Youtube Promotional Videos, and our Online & Offline SEO package.

Since beginning our marketing campaigns with Focacceria, we have exponentially increased their interactions with customers across social media platforms. Successfully reaching an average of 30,000 current and potential clients on Facebook each month, while increasing their Facebook likes by about 100 per week. Before we took over their Instagram account, Focacceria had about 100 followers. By June 2017, with our help we have helped Focacceria reach 20,000 followers and growing, and averaging 400 to 900 likes per photo!

Our SEO campaign has improved Focacceria’s placement in organic and local search results, earning them the number one placement for restaurants in the Basking Ridge area. Our PPC campaigns using Google and Bing AdWords are mainly focused on promoting lunch, specifically to potential corporate clients in nearby businesses averaging 40,000+ impressions per month. Our campaigns have helped drive both traffic to Focacceria’s website, translating into increasing reservations and more foot traffic. After seeing such success, Focacceria has changed their hours be open for lunch and dinner seven days per week.